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History of Roxbury Open Studios Collaborative


Brief History:

Roxbury has a deeply rich history of artistic and cultural contributions that reaches back to the 19th century to the present. Notables in music, visual arts, literature, theater, dance and all manner of creative endeavor.


Roxbury Open Studios began in 1999 as part of the Roxbury Art Series of ACT Roxbury (Arts, Culture, Trade), a program of Madison Park Development Corporation. ACT Roxbury used arts & cultural initiatives  to foster the physical, economic and social revitalization of Roxbury.. It was one of 12 programs originally funded by the Mass. Cultural Council in 1998 for their then new Cultural Economic Development Initiative and the only one funded in a predominantly African-American community.  The motto of ACT was that “Roxbury is Rich.”

"We believe arts and culture are a vehicle for economic development, and community upliftment" said Candelaria Silva, director of ACT Roxbury from 1998-2007, and founder of the Roxbury Art Series and other initiatives.



Roxbury Open Studios Collaborative is an artist run collaborative focused on Roxbury Open Studios and providing vehicles for artists of Roxbury information to exhibitions, economic and skills advancement workshops and other services that help elevate the rich artistic and cultural assets of Roxbury.

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